Physical Interaction
Create Your Reality

iMyth – Immersive Theme Worlds & Attractions


iMyth immerses participants into modern Virtual Reality experiences, stimulating all five of their senses and empowering them to co-create their own personalized interpretations of classic theme worlds.

Theme Worlds

Each experience starts within a recognizable Theme World. A Theme World is any collection of all possible human experiences related to a similar concept yet bound rigidly by one central story, theme or cannon; the theme world heart.


All of the interactivity of video games.


All the story telling of all trans-media narrative.


All the immersiveness of theme parks.

Theme World Experiences

iMyth Theme World Catalog

Every Theme World in the iMyth Catalog is episodic in nature. Participants collaboratively co-create the participatory narrative of each world which is more than just one adventure but rather a potentially unlimited series of experiences related to its own central theme.

Fundamental Pillars

Physically Immersive
With haptic feedback, real world smells, props and sets, iMyth immerses the participant into his or her own theme world.
Whether with other participants or with an iMyth Interactor, Participant is empowered to co-create his or her version of the participatory narrative.
Every iMyth experience is unique based on each participant's individual perspective. While certain experiences may be similar, no two are ever the same.